DDoS Protection

Every single dedicated server is fully protected against Level 3,4 and 7 DDoS Attacks using our Radware Defence Pro.


Our dedicated servers are locked from public access with multiple levels of security , access control points and video monitoring. All visitors are required to register in order to enter the facility and customer access is granted only to their respective area of interest. Physical access to each server room is restricted with steel doors and entry is managed via RFID cards and 24/7 CCTV. All dedicated servers are located inside locked cabinets, that can be opened and accessed only with keys or access codes managed by our SMC staff.

Data Center Certifications

Here-Host LTD infrastructure is located in a Tier 3+ Carrier Neutral Data Center regarding internet connectivity and modern enterprise infrastructure and is ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System and ISO 27001:2013 Information Security System Certified making us qualified in keeping expensive equipment safe and secure while making sure that your business complies with multiple international quality control and privacy standards.

Network Infrastructure

Providing direct multi-Gigabit bandwidth connections to multiple Tier 1 Internet backbone networks and over 100 International and Bulgarian ISP, we provide added value to tech companies that are looking for a hosting location with great peering and internet connectivity into the fast-expanding EMEA business market.Our network infrastructure is designed with redundant fiber optic connections with diverse physical paths built with high quality enterprise network hardware manufactured by Juniper to give our customers reliable and always-on secure internet connections with a 99.98% Network Uptime Guarantee.

DDoS Protection

Every single dedicated server is fully protected against Level 3,4 and 7 DDoS Attacks using our Radware Defence Pro.

Fast Server Delivery

We deliver every dedicated server within 2-24 hours, once the order is complete and the payment is confirmed. Our IT experts are available 24/7 live at our data center, for server delivery and hardware upgrade.

60 Minutes Guarantee

We can replace hardware immediately using our large stock of enterprise servers and spare parts available on-site at our Data Center. In the event of a failure, we will replace the failed hardware within 3 hours or less.


The data center is connected to a Class A main electrical feed with automatic failover capabilities provided by 4 alternative Diesel Generators with a total power of 3,4 MW and 100 tons of UPS batteries. We use the Hot/Cold Aisle arrangement technology for effective airflow management and to maintain desirable equipment inlet temperatures.