Frequently Asked Questions

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After registration and successful login you should navigate to the product page - Dedicated Server or VPS. After choosing your configuration/service you should click the "Order" button. The next step is to configure your Server settings and the payment method. Next you can pick up some additional settings at the "Addons" section. You can select KVM/iPMI Access if you need it. For additional request please fill the form.

The datacenter where the servers are located is Telepoint. It is located in Sofia - capital of Bulgaria, Eastern Europe.

Our server equipment is mostly Dell and Supermicro. We use one of the latest servers of these brands. Our networking devices are Juniper and Radware firewall.

The servers are property of

Our servers are located only in Europe(Sofia, European Union).


Yes! Our IT experts are availabel 24/7. On-site support is provided by live chat, telephone, email and ticketing system.

At the moment we only provide support in English.

No, the live-chat is only for sales and emergency requests. The fastest way to solve your issue is through ticket support.

Yes, we provide free support services regarding the online status of your server and web applications but that does not include advanced customization requests. You would need to purchase a management hosting service for that type of work.


It takes 12 hours and less. After you make order and it is with seccessful payment there are timer in your client area that starts to count 12 hours. If the order is not completed in those 12 hours your server will be free for 1 month.

No, our dedicated servers and hosting services are free of taxes for setup.

Yes! Our specialists will take care of your server and they will migrate it for you.

No, but you can change the delivery email address. Our goal is to keep our customers information safe and secure.

Your server will be provisioned, secured, and typically delivered within 12 hours from payment, regardless of the day of the week, even on weekends.

Hosting Services

Yes, nowadays it is a requirement for communication systems to be able to use VoIP on them.

Yes, one of the most important things for us is our clients privacy. We allow VPN services on our infrastructure.

Yes, you can easily install or use IPTV services on our infrastructure. Additionally, we provide dedicated Video Streaming Services out of the box.

Yes, our high performance Dell dedicated servers and network infrastructure are perfect for hosting dedicated game servers without any server delay or lag.

Yes, part of our Windows servers initial provisioning involves the activation and testing of the Remote Desktop Protocol for customer usage.


We got 3 payment methods: 1st is PayPal, second is credit/debit cards via ccbill and 3rd is Bitcoins from BlockChain platform wich can proccess credit/debit cards.


You can check our Looking Glass page, which also includes a test IP. And download packages from 1MB to 10GB

Yes, our customers can announce their own IP ranges on our dedicated servers and hosting solutions. There is no setup fee, as long as all IP ranges are in the same vlan.

Yes, we can announce your ASN. There is a one-time fee of 100 Euro.

Yes, if you have your own IP space, we can provide BGP sessions. There is a one-time fee of 100 Euro.